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Flower Patterned Minimal Label


These cute little flower patterned Minimal labels are a great finishing touch for any treat jar or container.

Click here to view our range of jars suitable to fit your label and fill full of your favourite treats.

  • Gloss finish
  • Oil & waterproof, simply wipe clean
  • Easy to apply
  • Individual label measures 64mm(W) x 72mm(H)

Jars are available to purchase separately.

Please note we have up to an additional 7 working day production time on any custom minimal labels on top of our usual processing time. If ordered with any other products they will all be shipped together. If your would like your other products shipping faster then please place them as separate orders

Our gloss finish MINIMAL LABELS are created using the highest quality printers & vinyl to ensure the print is clear, crisp and smudge free and also that are durable and will withstand everyday use, so you can be sure to use it in a kitchen environment and not worry about any mishaps.

The labels are printed on high quality waterproof vinyl. Although they can withstand water, oil & other spills, they are NOT dishwasher or microwave safe, gentle hand wash only. Do not soak or scrub the labels.

The labels will adhere to almost any surface that is smooth, flat and clean such as glass or plastic. They do not stick to wood, fabric, uneven or textured surfaces.

The labels are easily removable and if removed with care can be reused, although bubbles & lifting at the corners may occur depending on how it was removed. Please remember the glue on the back will weaken every time you reuse a label.

Before you begin.

You need to ensure the surface is clean and free of grease, polish, grime & dust. Labels will not stick if anything is on the surface. Soapy water is great for this!

Glass sometimes needs a wipe twice to make sure any polish is removed. Vinyl is a very thin material and even a spec of dust between the label & the surface can show through your finished work. Applying your YLC Minimal label is actually pretty easy. Just follow these simple steps below.

1. Make sure your hands are clean and dry before handling the label

2. Peel the label away form the backing paper

3. Place onto your chosen surface

4. Use your fingers or credit card to squeegee the label flat pushing out any air bubbles. If you get any bubbles simply lift up the label from one corner very carefully and then re stick back down.

5. That's it your done!

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