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Custom Size Personalised Vinyl Label (One Line)


Our custom size labels offer endless possibilities of organisation. Wether it is labelling your pantry jars or your child's lunchbox, we can create the perfect label to suit.

We will not print any trademarked/ brand names. If brand names are given then we will contact you to change to an alternative but this may delay your order.

Max 12 characters per label

For labels over the above character limit & we can split them onto two or three lines click here

1. Choose your font

2. Choose your label colour

3. Enter personalisation

4. Enter width measurement you would like your label to be (left to right)

5. If you have a height restriction (top to bottom) we need to know, if there is no height restriction just leave this blank.

If you are ordering a few labels and would like them all of a similar size, please add a note at checkout.

The size of the label will vary depending on your choice of word & the font choice. We will make your labels to fit within the sizes you ask for, always to the width measurement unless you have a height restriction and if the label hits the height restriction first we will not use the width measurement given. 

  • All labels will be set out on one line
  • 1 label = a maximum of 2 words, up to 12 characters


  • The colour you select is the colour of the label/font. There is no background colour.
  • Price shown is per label. Orders placed incorrectly will be emailed but this could delay your order or it may be cancelled.
  • When listing your labels please separate each new label with a comma so we know where one label ends and the next begins.
  • Please type labels as you want them to be seen, we will print them as typed, this includes capital letters. Some fonts are only available in capitals. See link for more information FONTS & COLOURS
  • As all orders are customised to your requirements there is strictly no refunds or exchanges.
  • Labels are not suitable for dishwasher or microwave. Gentle hand wash only.
  • Instructions on how to apply your labels will be sent with your order. It is very important to read them fully before you begin applying the labels.

All our labels are made from high quality vinyl. Suitable for indoor & outdoor uses. Our labels have no background, they will stick to most surface as long as they are smooth and clean such as glass, plastic, walls, mirrors & tiles. They do not stick to wood, fabric or rough surfaces.

Each label is made to order and personalised specifically for you. Once we have designed the labels, we send it to cut with our machine, then the excess vinyl is weeded away by hand. This can be a very tricky process on small labels. The label then gets covered in clear application tape to make it nice & easy to apply when you receive it.

Our labels come with easy to understand instructions including photos to help you with the process of application. If you follow the instructions nothing can go wrong. We have been in the industry for 15+ years so are very experienced when it comes to applying vinyl labels & have the knowledge to help if there is a problem.

The labels can be easily removed if needed but are not reusable, if you struggle to remove a label, simply warm up the vinyl with some heat ( a hairdryer would do) as it will soften the vinyl.

Providing the labels are applied using our instructions the labels are water resistant 24 hours after application. The labels are not dishwasher or microwave safe and we recommend gently hand washing them only, leave to air dry rather than using a cloth which may catch the vinyl.

Before you begin.

You need to ensure the surface is clean and free of grease, polish, grime & dust. Labels will not stick if anything is on the surface. Soapy water is great for this! Glass sometimes needs a wipe twice to make sure any polish is removed. Vinyl is a very thin material and even a spec of dust between the label & the surface can show through your finished work. Applying your custom vinyl label is actually pretty easy. Just follow these simple steps below.

1. Make sure your chosen surface is 100% dry, clean and dust free.

2. Rub over the label with your squeegee or credit card to ensure all parts of the label are sticking to the clear application tape.

3. Carefully peel the clear application tape & the label together away from the backing paper at a 45 degree angle works best.

4. If part of your label doesn't lift with the application tape, drop it back down into place and rub some more.

5. Once the backing paper is removed carefully lay your label sticky-side down onto your surface.

6. Rub over the clear application tape gently at first and then a second time but more firmly. Your objective is to push the air out to the sides and have a nice flat finish. If any air bubbles are showing, a pin prick would help eliminate this.

7. Carefully remove the clear application tape in the same way you did the backing paper.

8. Your label is now finished and look awesome.

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